Call of the Year


Call Nominees

After a year of Section IV sports that produced many memorable moments, we’ve highlighted 16 of the best calls from our play-by-play broadcasts. Check out the clips and the full bracket below and be sure to vote on our social media pages in the coming days.

August 25 – Big Wins

1. Watkins Glen Wins IAC Championship

3. Union Springs Reaches Section IV Championship

2. Marathon Wins Section IV Championship

4. Trumansburg Reaches Section IV Finals

August 26 – Wow Moments

1. Jalen Hardison Block

3. Flynn McCarthy STAC Winner

2. Braeden Morrison Header

4. Tomas Vence Breakaway Save

August 27 – Big Plays

1. Spencer Whitmore Touchdown

3. Raidyn Ford Touchdown

2. Dean Sheerer Touchdown

4. Lucy Getzin Chip Shot

August 31 – Comebacks

1. Jalen Hardison Go-Ahead 3

3. Joseph Morpurgo Equalizer

2. Casey Phillips Game-Winner

4. Ehler Somya Soe OT Winner



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