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NYSSWA Class B, C and D All-State Basketball Teams

Apr 16, 2015 -- 11:00am

Here are the Section IV representatives on the NYSSWA Class B, C and D All-State Basketball teams for the 2014-2015 season.


Class B

Second Team

Albert Odero, Oneonta, Jr. (19.4ppg)

Sixth Team

Zach Marsh, Whitney Point, Sr. (17.7ppg)

Ninth Team

Mark Mullins, Chenango Valley, Jr. (17.7ppg)

Tenth Team

Gabe Shrauger, Whitney Point, Sr. (15.6ppg)

Honorable Mention

Zan Stewart, Norwich, Sr. (ppg N/A)

Class C

First Team

Darius Garvin, Elmira Notre Dame, Sr. (24.9ppg)

Second  Team

Tanner Winchester, Unatego, Sr. (23.5ppg)

Fourth Team

Austin Grunder, Trumansburg, So. (23ppg)

Fifth Team

Brian Barrett, Newfield, Sr. (15ppg)

Jared Lyon, Moravia, Jr. (ppg N/A)

Sixth Team

Colin Gates, Watkins Glen, Sr. (14.2ppg)

Honorable Mention

Gabe Short, Moravia, So. (ppg N/A)

Class D

First Team

Peyton Griffiths, Milford, Sr. (20.9ppg)

Fourth Team

Mitchel Barra, Laurens, Sr. (17.4ppg)

Fifth Team

Derek Beers, Franklin, Jr. (19ppg)

Seventh Team

Ty Lamport, South Kortright, So. (20.2ppg)


Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski


Feb 13, 2015 -- 3:15pm

A little over two years ago, I compared Alex Rodriguez to that girlfriend in your life that you really want gone, but haven’t quite figured out how or if you should end the relationship. 

Last year, Rodriguez and the Yankees went on a little bit of a “break,” which, unfortunately, sounds all too familiar for so many of us men.

Now, he’s back…whether you like it or not.

Earlier today, I stumbled upon this piece via Twitter.

My thoughts after the quick read?  Let’s just ride the storm together and get ready for Alex Rodriguez’s return in 2015.

Sure, the guy has his flaws.  Truthfully, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him as a baseball player.  His reputation will forever be tarnished because his actions on and off the diamond.  But in the end, I root for the Yankees.  I want the Yankees to win.  I actually want Alex Rodriguez, one of the most despised athletes in sports, to be a contributing part of a World Series team…bottom line.

Has he won me back over?  No way.  Do I look at him differently now?  Absolutely.  I don't respect him nearly as much as I used to as a baseball player or even just as a normal human being.

Hell, I even like to make fun of the guy once in a while.

Game 7 of the 2014 World Series had me thinking a little...

If he ends up hitting 20 homeruns with a .265 average, I wouldn’t mind numbers like that from a guy who has played just 265 games over four seasons.

He’s had his faults and still has them.  He cheated multiple times, and before we actually knew this, we were pushing around ideas that he just might be the greatest player of this generation.  Now, his name will no longer be said under the same breath as some of baseball's most legendary heroes.  He’s lied…a lot. 

But he’s served his punishment, and quite frankly, I’m over it.  I will reluctantly support whatever role Alex Rodriguez plays on the Yankees this season.  

When he hits a homerun, I'll cheer.  If he plays a game at third base and turns an inning-ending double play, I'll be thrilled.  

After all, he's not the only sports figure with problems that people root for.  

Let the guy do his thing on the diamond for a few more years, whether they all end up being with the Yankees or not. 

You’ll probably end up trying to forget about him when he’s gone, anyway.  

Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski

NYSSWA Class B, C and D All-State Football Teams

Jan 07, 2015 -- 2:19pm

Here are the Section IV representatives on the NYSSWA Class B, C and D All-State Football teams for the 2014 season.
(via: http://www.roadtosyracuse.com/reference/index.shtml#.VK1kANLF_HQ)


Class B

Player of the Year                                                           

Adam Gallagher, RB/DB, Maine-Endwell, Sr.

First Team Defense

Jake Felice, DL, Maine-Endwell Sr.

Michael Palmer, DB, Maine-Endwell Jr.

Second Team Offense

Kyle Balmer, QB, Maine-Endwell, Jr.

Tommy Panella, OL, Maine-Endwell, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Bruce Canady, DL, Susquehanna Valley, Sr.

Hunter Hazen, LB, Maine-Endwell, Sr.

Third Team Offense

Michael Oralls, RB, Norwich, Sr.

Will Gladney, OE, Owego, Jr.

Honorable Mention

Adam Kortuz, OL, Johnson City, Jr.

Jamison Luke, OL, Norwich, Jr.

Brady Wisniewski, LB, Maine-Endwell, Jr.

Lain Zembeck, LB, Susquehanna Valley, Sr.


Class C

Player of the Year                                                           

Ryan Bronson, RB/LB, Chenango Forks, Sr.

First Team Offense

Austin Dean, OL, Sidney, Sr.

John Hardy, OL, Chenango Forks, Sr.

First Team Defense

Vinnie Darpino, LB, Newark Valley, Sr.

Hunter Luybli, LB, Chenango Forks, Sr.          

Jack Sherwood, DB, Chenango Forks, Sr.

Second Team Offense

L.J. Watson, RB, Chenango Forks, So.

Jeff Klossner, OL, Waverly, Sr.

Third Team Offense

Peyton Miller, QB, Waverly,  Jr.

Jon Brown, RB, Watkins Glen, Sr.

Kieran Goodwin, OL, Thomas A. Edison, Sr.

Third Team Defense

Brandon Davis, LB, Lansing, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Keith Rekczis, RB, Watkins Glen, Sr.

Caleb Gould, OL, Chenango Forks, Sr.

Shawn Potter, OL, Newark Valley, Jr.

Tony Silvanic, OL, Chenango Forks, Jr.

Dexter Hamilton, LB, Newark Valley, Sr.

Cody LaMond, DB, Chenango Forks, Jr.

Tristan Rifanburg, DB, Norwich, Sr.


Class D

First Team Offense

Jesse Manuel, RB, Tioga, Jr.

Tanner Winchester, OE, Unatego/Franklin, Sr.

Dylan Babcock, OL, Tioga, Sr.

Devon Dean, P, Harpursville/Afton, Sr.

First Team Defense

Sam Burns, DB, Tioga, Sr.

Second Team Offense

Josh Feyerabend, QB, Unatego/Franklin, Jr.

Brad Jump, RB, Tioga, Sr.

Tyler Griffin, OL, Walton, Sr.

Second Team Defense

Josh Kithcart, DL, Tioga, Sr.

Sam Crowley, LB, Seton Catholic, Sr.

Ryan Marszal, DB, Unatego/Franklin, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Dawson Beers, RB, Walton, Jr.

Ethan Barber, OL, Unatego/Franklin, Sr.

Quinn Harby, LB, Walton, Sr.

Nate Wilsey, LB, Unatego/Franklin, Sr.

Nick Neer, ATH, Oxford, Jr.


Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski

Memorable Moments from 2014

Dec 31, 2014 -- 4:48pm

Happy New Year!

Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski

Christmas Wish List

Dec 24, 2014 -- 9:00am

A few weeks back, I was painfully reminded that the Christmas season is here…

I’m not sure about you, but this actually made me want to fast-forward and start celebrating the Fourth of July already.  Woof.

But alas, we're still stuck in December and the big day is less than 24 hours away.  Since we all have some last minute shopping to get done, I’ve decided to give you my Christmas Wish-list (note: this list is in text form, because I safely assume you've lost a majority your hearing thanks to Mariah).



The Tears from Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour

I was an absolute sucker for buying into the fanfare of Derek Jeter’s final season in pinstripes.  If you tried to sell me something that commemorated his last year, chances are, I at least considered buying it. 

A brand new authentic Derek Jeter jersey?  Got it.  A new Yankees hat with the final season patch on it?  Money well spent.  Second base from his final game in Cleveland against the Indians?  An obvious (and expensive) purchase.

I consider The Captain to be one of the most important players from my childhood.  When he decided this would be his last season, it hit me pretty hard.  But there's one item I want more than anything to celebrate his 19-year Hall of Fame career.

Derek Jeter's Game-Used Tears.  

Now, Jeter claims that he never actually cried, but got pretty darn close a handful of times.  Yeah...you see Jeets, that’s not going to cut it.  Somewhere out there, I know he shed some tears.  In his car driving to the stadium for the last time?  In a bathroom stall?  Sitting in his bedroom and ogling Hannah Davis inside the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

I know these tears are out here.  I know they exist.  And I want them.


A (Permanent) Home for Jeff Mathews

One of my favorite players to cover during my time in Ithaca has been Jeff Mathews, who is arguably the greatest quarterback in Ivy League Football history.

During his junior year, he was believed to be an early-to-mid round NFL draft pick.  By the time his senior year wrapped up, he was supposed to be a late-round selection.  When the Draft actually happened, he never had his name called.

Jeff has bounced around the league with a few practice squads, and has tried out for a handful of different teams with little success. 

Now, he’s with the Arizona Cardinals practice squad, a team that's depleted at the quarterback position and absolutely desperate for arms.  But when it's all said and done, I really want Jeff Mathews to find a long-term roster spot on a team in the National Football League this Christmas.  

Does he have the heart and smarts to play with the big boys?  Absolutely.  The talent is there too if he can clean up a few different things.  In my opinion, he would make a hell of a backup option for many teams.


A Quarterback Worth Starting for the Buffalo Bills

I don’t want to get too much into this because chances are I’ll go into a deep depression, throw on my Zubaz pants, and sing the “Bills Shout Song” over and over again.  Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. 

Bottom line: find a star quarterback that will give me something to cheer about, and one that will end this ridiculous playoff drought.

Or, just sign Jeff Mathews.


A Mascot for Ithaca College

The school unveiled a new logo and identity earlier this year, which I personally find to be pretty sleek and eye-catching. 

Now, it’s totally time to bring back the IC Mascot Search.

Do the Bombers really need a mascot?

No.  I just need a good laugh.

In case you're unfamiliar with it: a few years ago, a search was started to find a mascot that would accompany the Bombers nickname.  Needless to say, the finalists (a phoenix, a lake beast, and a flying squirrel) didn’t quite resonate with the spirit of “Ithaca College Bombers.”  Shocker.

But for a few weeks, when I was a student at Ithaca, there was buzz throughout campus for all of the wrong reasons -- and it was fun.  

So who ya got?

Bomber, The Phoenix?  Bomber, the Flying Squirrel?  Or Bomber, the Lake Beast? 


Happiness for Jim Boeheim

Love the guy.  Great basketball mind. 

But for once, can he just act happy during a postgame press conference? 

This season especially, there hasn’t been much to cheer or be excited about.  I get that.  But it genuinely seems like the guy has zero fun with anything in life. 

I don't even think he'd sport a legitimate smile on his face if Syracuse could beat Duke in the National Championship by 49 points.  


Common Sense for Dan Snyder

No explanation needed here.


Alex Rodriguez in Pinstripes

Oh, wait.  You mean he's finally making his triumphant return?!  Well then…

Light 'em up, baby!


A Walkup Song Everywhere I Go

I’ll just leave this here…


If you have any problems finding the above items on this list, I'm willing to accept your gift of a two-week vacation in Aruba.


Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski


Dec 03, 2014 -- 2:54pm

As cliché as it probably sounds, I’m floored that the Section IV Boys Basketball season is finally here.  It feels like Sectional champions were crowned only a few short months ago, and here we are, starting up a new season. 

There are plenty of storylines to follow, but of course, the biggest question is who has the best chance of winning and making a nice run in the playoffs.  Hopefully, I’m your guy with the answer.  I could be completely wrong.  I could be completely right.  That’s the fun part about making predictions as the season starts!   Let’s have some fun…


Whitney Point Eagles

The Eagles nearly earned a spot in the IAC Large School Championship last season, but missed out after falling to Lansing in a divisional tiebreaker by two points.  This year, however, the Bobcats are without 6-6 forward Thomas Towner and 6-6 forward Ben Rourke. 

This is the perfect opportunity for the Eagles to win back the division.

With just one player lost to graduation, Whitney Point has a strong veteran presence with senior big-man Gabe Shrauger leading the charge.  I expect the same dominating performances he brought last year when he averaged nearly 20 points per game.  Zach Marsh also returns for his senior season and is a threat to score if you give him any open space. 

Other players to watch: Brady Harrington and Jared Bieber; both are effective shooting the deep ball.


Watkins Glen Senecas
John Fazzary’s defense is always an absolute blast to watch.  The Senecas aren’t a “showy” team on paper, but are they gritty and very athletic.  Last season, not one player averaged double figure scoring, but they all had the ability to recognize who had the hot-hand that night. 

Returning for the Senecas are starters Keith Rekczis, Colin Gates, Joe Palumbo and Luke Flahive.  I’m especially looking forward to watching a healthy Luke Flahive act as the floor general this year.  He has the ability to control the tempo of a game with clutch shooting and incredibly aggressive guard defense.     

Why does “The Glen” have the best chance of winning the division?  They’re a talented team that returns a lot.  Last year’s winner, Elmira Notre Dame, returns only one true impact player – Darius Garvin.  He’s arguably the top player in the IAC, but he lost four supporting cast members that helped the Crusaders win a Section IV Championship.


Moravia Blue Devils

Plain and simple, Moravia loves its basketball.  It’s a basketball town.  The environment during a big-time game is like no other in the conference.  Oh, and the players aren’t that bad either.

Since the 2009-2010 season, the Blue Devils have won four (of five) division titles, and have also won the overall small school championship in those years.  They’ve also made two trips to the NYSPHSAA Final Four.  This is a team that’s built on a winning tradition, despite losing some key players from over the years.

The most obvious missing piece to this puzzle is center Chandler Benson, who is playing at LeMoyne College.  He graduated from Moravia as the program’s all-time leading scorer and averaged close to 25 points per night as a senior.  But it wasn’t just him doing all of the work.  Three-point sharpshooter Brett Denman is gone, and so is Chase Walker.

Still, I fully expect the Blue Devils to breeze by the division, and make another run for a Section IV championship.  Junior Jared Lyon has the potential to cement himself as the IAC’s top point guard.  The question is, what will it take to get this team to have big point totals every game?  It’s the uncertainty of some unknown players that leaves people wondering.


Newfield Trojans

Three seasons ago, the Trojans won just four games.  Two seasons ago, they doubled that number.  Last season, they nearly doubled that number, winning 15 games.  Duane Barrett has done a sensational job building this group of players into contenders.  They will look to repeat as division champions, and I think there is no question that they do just that.

Point guard Chris Byrd has graduated, which hurts Newfield offensively (10ppg), but their size and quickness is still there.  Devin Cooper, and Dekhari Stewart return but Brian Barrett will likely have the biggest impact for the Trojans.  The senior averaged right around 10 points per game, and if you give him room to work with, he’ll beat you with the dribble-drive or the open jumper. 

When this team is good, they’re fun to watch.  Something tells me they might put on a few shows for us this year.


Watkins Glen beats Whitney Point (barely)

Moravia beats Newfield (barely)

Team with the best chance to win a Section IV Championship

Teams to watch:
Ithaca (STAC), Dryden, Elmira Notre Dame, Marathon, Lansing


Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen.  Hoops season is here!


Nick Karski is a play-by-play voice, reporter, and host of "Gameday" on ESPN Ithaca and ESPNIthaca.com.  Follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Karski

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